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Justin here, and I’m excited to dive into a topic that has transformed our lives as entrepreneurs and expats—living and working in Mexico. In our latest podcast episode, we explore the myriad of benefits that this beautiful country has to offer to entrepreneurs like us. From cost-effective living and world-class healthcare to delicious cuisine and a friendly community, Mexico is quickly becoming a sought-after destination for digital nomads and business owners looking for work-life balance.

The Mexican Advantage for Entrepreneurs

  1. Cost of Living: One of the most compelling reasons entrepreneurs flock to Mexico is the cost of living. We’re talking about a fraction of what it would cost you in the United States or Europe, without sacrificing quality of life. Imagine living in a spacious, well-equipped house for a fraction of the price you’d pay back home.
  2. Healthcare: Mexico offers top-notch healthcare that is accessible and affordable. Amanda shares a story of her eye care experience, highlighting the quality and cost savings compared to the US. Private practices still thrive here, delivering personalized, attentive care that’s often missing in Western countries.
  3. Quality of Food: If you’re a foodie, Mexico won’t disappoint. Fresh, local produce, affordable groceries, and an abundance of delicious street food make eating out a joy. Plus, you can enjoy international cuisine without breaking the bank.
  4. Friendly People: The warm and welcoming nature of the Mexican people is a stark contrast to the high-stress environments in some Western countries. The emphasis here is on enjoying life and connecting with others, fostering a sense of community that’s often missing elsewhere.
  5. Infrastructure and Internet: Contrary to some misconceptions, Mexico boasts modern infrastructure, including reliable high-speed internet. Justin talks about his internet experience, which rivals or even surpasses what’s available in many US cities.

What’s Next?

In upcoming episodes, we’ll tackle more topics related to expat entrepreneurship, including hiring overseas, pet care, phone service, and finding the right doctors. We’ll also provide insights into automating your business, a crucial step in achieving the work-life balance we enjoy.

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