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Deciding where to plant new roots is a significant choice for expatriates around the globe and one of the questions we get asked the most is to do a deep dive into Mexico vs Costa Rica for expats. In our latest episode of Entrepreneur Expat, Amanda Abella and I, Justin Keltner, unpack the vibrant experiences of living in Mexico and Costa Rica. Both countries offer unique draws for those looking to embrace life abroad, but understanding the nuances can help you make an informed decision.

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The Alluring Landscapes of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is synonymous with breathtaking nature. Its lush landscapes and commitment to conservation make it a paradise for those seeking a connection with the environment. Places like Tamarindo and Guanacaste offer some of the best Pacific beaches and volcanic mountains, presenting a serene backdrop for daily life. The country prides itself on a slower pace, inviting expats to soak in the beauty and tranquility that is quintessentially Costa Rican.

The Rich Culture of Mexico

Mexico, on the other hand, is a tapestry of rich history and culinary delights. From the bustling streets of Mexico City to the culinary haven that is Guadalajara, Mexico offers an unparalleled cultural immersion. The country’s infrastructure supports a vibrant expat community, making it an attractive option for those looking to balance work and leisure in a more urban setting. The availability of diverse, high-quality, and affordable cuisine further cements Mexico’s place as a top choice for foodies. Plus, you can find just about anything in Mexico – desert, valleys, jungle and beach life are all available in Mexico for expats.

Mexico vs Costa Rica: Weighing Costs and Lifestyle

Living costs play a critical role in the decision-making process for expats. While Costa Rica is known for its high standard of living, it comes with a price tag that reflects its Americanized amenities and services. Mexico offers a more affordable alternative without sacrificing quality, especially in food, healthcare, and housing.

Mexico vs Costa Rica: Community and Safety

Both countries boast friendly locals and vibrant expat communities, making it easier for newcomers to assimilate and find a sense of belonging. Safety is a priority for many expats, and Costa Rica stands out as one of the safest countries in Latin America. However, Mexico offers safe havens in its expat-populated areas, with communities that welcome newcomers with open arms.

Mexico vs Costa Rica: Infrastructure and Internet Connectivity

The episode highlights a critical factor for digital nomads and entrepreneurs: internet connectivity and infrastructure. Costa Rica’s beautiful, remote locations sometimes come at the cost of reliable internet service, which can be a deal-breaker for those who rely on connectivity for work. Mexico, with its robust infrastructure, offers a more reliable option for those needing steady internet access and modern amenities.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Mexico vs Costa Rica comes down to personal preferences and priorities. Whether it’s the allure of pristine nature, the richness of cultural experiences, or the practicality of cost and infrastructure, both countries offer compelling reasons to call them home.

We invite our listeners to dive deeper into the nuances of each destination by listening to the full episode. Share your experiences, questions, and what factors you consider most important when choosing an expat destination. Your journey to a new life abroad starts with understanding the landscape, literally and metaphorically.

Listen to the episode and let us guide you through your next adventure. Whether you lean towards the serene beaches of Costa Rica or the cultural richness of Mexico, your perfect expat destination awaits.


What's Next?

In upcoming episodes, we'll tackle more topics related to expat entrepreneurship, including hiring overseas, pet care, phone service, and finding the right doctors. We'll also provide insights into automating your business, a crucial step in achieving the work-life balance we enjoy.

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