In this Entrepreneur Expat episode, we’re discussing everything you need to know about moving to Mexico. These are the top questions we’ve been getting asked by the community in the recent weeks and we’ve answered as many questions as we could in one episode.

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Moving to Mexico: What You Need to Know

Below you’ll find a summary of what we mention in the video. For full details and personal stories make sure to watch the video.

Mexico Is a BIG Country

Mexico is a huge country that has something for everyone. Because of this, before moving to Mexico, we recommend visiting and spending time in different places so you can decided on where you’ll want to be spending most of your time.

Mexico Is Safer Than You Think It Is

Although Mexico does have security issues, it’s not as bad as American and Canadian media make it out to be. To give you an idea, if you are accustomed to living in major U.S. cities, living in cities in Mexico isn’t much different. In fact, we feared more for our lives in Los Angeles last year than anywhere we’ve ever been in Mexico.

That being said, there are precautions to take – all of which are common sense. For a full breakdown, watch the video.

Cost of Living In Mexico

We’ve done other videos that have complete breakdowns of cost of living down to the dollar. You can find one of those videos here.

Getting Residency in Mexico

Getting residency in Mexico is relatively straightforward in comparison to other countries. We did another episode on the 2024 residency requirements as well as detailing the process we went through to get temporary residency.

Healthcare in Mexico

Healthcare in Mexico is good quality and very affordable. You can get minor problems handled at the pharmacy for $4 USD, appointments with specialists will cost $40 to $50 USD out of pocket, dentistry is a third of the price and eye care is also very afforable.

Your Car In Mexico

When moving to Mexico a lot of people ask us if you need a car. The answer is no. At least most cities have some good urban planning and you can walk to just about anything you need. If you do decide to bring your car, it’s just a matter of permits which Justin details in the video above.

Overall, moving to Mexico is relatively easy for Americans and Canadians because it’s considered a “soft landing.” In other words, it’s different but it’s not THAT different from home. In addition, things like straightforward residency and lower cost of living make it a very attractive spot for expats.

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