Mexico has been in the news a lot lately, especially in the last week, as they elected their first female president. Many have reached out to us, wondering what’s happening in Mexico amidst these significant political changes. In this article, we aim to provide insights into the recent election and its implications, not just from the perspective of expatriates like us living in Mexico, but also based on the sentiments of the local population.

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Understanding Mexico’s Political Landscape

Mexico’s recent election saw Claudia Scheinbaum, the first female president, elected into office. She represents the Morena party, which currently holds power in Mexico. It’s essential to understand the context behind these political shifts to grasp their implications fully.

(Make sure to watch the episode above for a full breakdown of the nuances of Mexican politics as it was explained to us by Mexicans.)

Reactions and Concerns

The election outcome has sparked varied reactions globally, with concerns ranging from economic stability to ideological shifts. The Morena party’s leftist stance has raised concerns among conservatives, both in Mexico and abroad. However, it’s crucial to delve deeper into the nuances of Mexican politics and understand the sentiments of the local population.

Economic Considerations

From an economic standpoint, Mexico has been experiencing growth, particularly in manufacturing and nearshoring from the US and Canada. Despite concerns about leftist policies, Mexico’s economy has shown resilience and promise in recent years.

Long-term Outlook

While the political landscape in Mexico may undergo changes under the new administration, the long-term outlook for the country remains positive. With a growing middle class and increasing opportunities for investment, Mexico continues to attract attention from global investors.

Implications for Expats

For expats living in Mexico, the political changes may have implications for residency requirements and tax policies. However, for those not directly tied to the Mexican economy, the impact may be minimal in the short term.

Looking Ahead

As we navigate these changes, our focus remains on providing valuable insights and resources to our audience. Whether you’re considering a move to Mexico or exploring opportunities for global business, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


The recent election in Mexico marks a significant milestone in the country’s political history. While uncertainties exist, Mexico’s resilience and economic potential offer hope for the future. As expats living in Mexico, we’re committed to sharing our experiences and insights to help others navigate these changes successfully. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to provide valuable content to our audience.

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