We haven’t done a living in Mexico video in a while, so we figured we would bring you along for a field trip. In this video, we bring you along for a day trip to Tonalá, a vibrant neighborhood just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico, famous for its artisanal crafts and vibrant culture. Join us as we explore the treasures this area has to offer! Since had just moved into a house in Guadalajara, we needed furniture and the locals told us Tonalá would be the place to go.

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Discovering Handcrafted Treasures in Tonala

Our adventure starts in Tonala, where we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of Mexican craftsmanship. From Dia de los Muertos dolls to intricately carved furniture, Tonala showcases the best of Mexico’s artisanal scene. This neighborhood is a haven for those seeking unique pieces at affordable prices.

Insider Tips for Furniture Shopping in Guadalajara

If you’re planning a move to Mexico or specifically Guadalajara, here’s a savvy tip: explore local markets and platforms like Facebook Marketplace for incredible deals on furniture. During our visit, we found a dining room set in Tonala that was 4x more expensive than what were seeing on Facebook Marketplace for the same prices.  By leveraging local resources like Facebook Marketplace, you can furnish your home stylishly without breaking the bank.

The Art of Mexican Craftsmanship

One highlight of our trip was discovering a breathtaking dining table made from a single, hundred-year-old tree. Crafted with precision and care, this solid wood masterpiece exemplifies the rustic elegance synonymous with Mexican design. Such pieces not only enhance your living space but also tell a story of local artistry and heritage.

Navigating the Streets of Tonala

Tonala’s main streets offer a glimpse into high-end craftsmanship, akin to a Mexican Rodeo Drive. However, for budget-conscious shoppers, exploring the side streets unveils hidden gems and unbeatable prices. We managed to furnish an entire home, including custom pieces, for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.

Reflections on Living and Shopping in Guadalajara

Living in Guadalajara provides a unique opportunity to blend affordability with quality craftsmanship. While the main streets of Tonala dazzle with bespoke designs, the real bargains await off the beaten path. Whether you’re furnishing a new home or looking to add character to your space, Tonala offers something special for everyone.

Conclusion: Embracing Mexican Culture Through Artisanal Finds

Our journey through Tonala reaffirmed our love for Mexican culture and craftsmanship. From exploring local markets to witnessing furniture being custom-made in stores, every experience deepened our appreciation for the artistry found here. Whether you’re a new expat or a seasoned resident, Tonala invites you to discover its treasures and make your home uniquely yours.

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